GetTING Started

Once enrolled in Pack 30, getting started and staying informed about the pack is easy! More below.

New Parents Guide

Check out the new parent guide (English, Español) for all the basics about cub scouting and what to expect getting started with your pack and den, such as where to get uniforms, guidebooks etc


Create an account in Scoutbook, which is the official advancement tracking tool, using which you can see what your scout has accomplished and what they’ll need to earn their next rank etc.

Scouting (mobile app)

Once registered in Scoutbook, download Scouting mobile app onto your smart device so you can notifications on scouting events, submit and track your scouts advancements with easy clicks.


Follow Pack 30's Facebook page for announcements, upcoming events, event highlights etc. We'll also add you to our private google drive for more info, pictures from the events etc.

Make an impact, get involved!

Our scouting program is as strong as the contributions from parents like you. So please take the family talent/interests survey to see how you can help ==>